The J-Lo of Bear Butts

Posted: January 4, 2011 in Furry Men, Hot Butts
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Sure there was plenty to do over the weekend but with the extra day and a couple of lenses I borrowed from work I had my heart set on finding a hot bear and photographing the shit out of him.

I hunted all last week trying to find someone available last minute and wasn’t having much luck. Then Sunday morning, my other half came into the bedroom from where he was making me breakfast and said he found someone. (He seriously treats me better than anyone including my parents)… and boy did he EVER find someone.

When it comes to hot bear cubs, this guy should be referenced by photo next to the definition in a dictionary. And what an ass… he must have a dancer background or something. Whatever caused this beautiful furry peach of a butt, bless it. And dude, if I forgot to mention it yesterday during our shoot… tell your mom & dad ‘thanks’.

I wish my ass looked this good.
















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