Hottest Ad of 2010

Posted: December 21, 2010 in Hot Butts

It’s that time of year when your inbox is flooded by a deluge of e-flyers. Everything is one sale. Everything must go so in 2011 companies can replenish inventory with new stuff.

I’ve unsubscribed from all but 3 lists because of the amount they’ve been sending these e-flyers out… Costco, Delta, and Amazon are the worst offenders. Oh and Albertsons… OMFG… if I get one more dollar off coupon for something I would never use like baby formula or kotex, I’m going to spit food.

Anyway, porn studios do it too and T.I.M. usually (not always) has something I want to see. Some are better than others. I realize you can’t hit a home run everytime.

I woke up and in my inbox was an email for their “Big Ass Sale”… this is my favorite ad of 2010 and possibly ever.

  1. littl cub says:

    The HOTTEST ASS on the web!!

  2. merlyn says:

    The ad work is really awesome. Everyone in the office who I showed it to loved it!

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