One Night Stand

Based on a Boots Bryant nightmare.

Click here to watch ONE NIGHT STAND a Boots Bryant Nightmare

This video is NSFW and should only be viewed by those who are 18 and older – and not offended easily.


Song by: Alien Vampires

Like you have never heard it before!

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A video by Boots Bryant

Video of WOOF CAMP during IML 2012.
Song by: Iggy Pop

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WOOF CAMP at IML 2012 Video by Boots Bryant

Want to go cruising?

Seeking models who would like to be in my ART OF CRUISING series. A preview video is below to give you an idea of what is involved.

Also seeking writers who would like to contribute stories to the project.

Comment below if interested in being part this & I will email you back.

In 2012 I went to IML for the first time. I brought my new video camera along.


I’m sure I’ll shoot & come up with a cover I like more between now and when it’s done, but I’m posting this to hold myself accountable by publically saying that I will finish and release my MASCHERINE coffee table book this year.


And can I just say, I hope at 52 I look as good as this DILF who was kind enough to pose for me recently?


For someone I found on craigslist, who had never done any professional modeling he knew how to throw some intense eyes and show off that perfect backside. Further proof of my belief that sexy comes in many shapes, sizes AND ages.


I will apologize in advance to half of the people on my 2011 holiday card mailing list.

I ordered two sets of cards from them. The first one came out perfect. Better than I expected. Couldn’t look better. Then the second arrives with a blue hue over the entire photo, and over exposed washing everything out.

I called and told them about it and they offered to replace it for me. The 3rd batch came in the mail EXACTLY the same as the 2nd batch of fucked up cards.

I called again and their resolution is to credit back my money. Which is nice an all that now I got free cards, but what the fuck am I supposed to do with these? I’m a photographer… these are supposed to represent me?

If anyone has another service similar to cafe press (besides zazzle) they can recommend for cards, I am all ears.

Cafe Press is usually so good… I’m really disappointed.

Scans of two VERY different cards from the same printing company. Front Page Story 11/23/11

If you already have or are planning on buying one of my 2012 Wall Calendars, don’t forget to claim your FREE gift. Here’s how:

1. Email proof of purchase – email a copy of your receipt if you wish to remain anonymous. You can choose from one of the FREE gifts listed below.

2. Post/Tweet Photo of You & Calendar: Anyone who posts a photo of themselves holding my calendar once it arrives in the mail to my Facebook wall or tags @BootsBryantPR on Twitter can choose from TWO of the FREE gifts listed below.

FREE gifts are while supplies last or to the first 100 who purchase a calendar.


a. 5×7 print

b. Photo Magnet

c. Greeting Card

August 2012 - Bears in B&W Calendar

Want to know more about what went into the making of my 2012 calendars? Check out this post on Accidental Bear or  this article on

Want to get some sexually explicit TMI on me? Check out this article on LA Weekly After Dark Blog.

Wanna jump in on this action? Here‘s where you can by one of my calendars.


Posted: July 25, 2011 in Furry Men, Hot Butts

Some hot furry 23 y.o. buns in a black jockstrap.

Working titles for the first issue of the zine I am working on.

this will not be the cover

Breeder In Stall 2

Two Guys One Toilet

Dude, Where’s my Blowjob?

To Cure a Hangover